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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and strong language)
It was my birthday. I was a simple kind of fella. Nothing ever happened to me, and that was exactly the way I liked it. I sat around, watching TV, waiting to meet up with my friends for some pizza to celebrate, only to suddenly hear the door bell. I investigate only to find a very large cake that I had quite a bit of trouble getting through the door. I manage it and spot a note on it.

"Dear Bret," I read, "I can guarantee this will be your best birthday ever... Okay."

I look at the cake. It was a very nice cake. I put my face right next to it to see if I could smell whether it was made vanilla or chocolate...


I was blasted in the face with a noxious fart and bits of the cake. I hack and cough and fall over. I stare as a girl began to emerge from the cake.
Egotistical girl RP Prompt

You can pick any girl, from any media or maybe your OC if you prefer. Unless it's a girl I'm REALLY not into, I'll probably say yes.

Naturally, this is a butt and fart based RP

The girl in question is either ACTUALLY convinced she's rescuing me from a hum-drum life, or is just pretending to think that to mess with me.

No other victims, just one, and you CAN bring in other tormentresses if you desire.

No gay. If you are gay, please feel free to take this rp and make a gay version of it.

Shrinking is allowed, but not necessary.

Vore is allowed.

No belching unless it's connected to the vore, no armpits, no squashing with the belly

Shall we begin?
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and strong language)
You take on the role of the Eiken ladies and forcibly induct me into the club. The big twist? The girls are MUCH more aggressive, and farting and shrinking is permitted.


None the character below the age of fourteen are permitted.

No scat.

No story. It's a fetish RP so none of that trying to tell a story nonsense.

You ARE allowed to rewrite the more passive characters to be more aggressive, OR just have Kirkia forcing me into situations with them.

I hope you enjoy.

Also, if you wanna be the victim, well head on over to my three temptresses RP and see what we've got?
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and strong language)
You are invited to a small club of the three prettiest girls in school... Only for them to steal your soul, and become their toy. Have fun!

Meet the girls:

Jen: Jen has short green hair and glasses. She's a very direct tomboy, and enjoys farting on you more than anything.

Shell: Shell has long brown hair. She likes dolls, tea parties, and humiliating you with various games.

August: The leader of this group with long pink hair. August likes offering you hope of reward with challenges, punishing you depending on your performance.

The girls take turns with you each night. Tell me your character name, and let's go.

Also, maybe you'd like to join in on my Eiken RP?
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
Etna's stench had tormented you all night. Your short drive home had resulted in it seemingly absorbing into your skin. You were in the shower untill one in the morning. And having wasted the entire remainder of your night in the shower and accompolished nothing you finally gave up and just went to bed. You quickly regretted this as Etna's gas was a stench that could only be described as the smell of Hell itself. The kind of smell that was designed specifically for man to smell and despise for all eternity as he rots in the lowest pits. Then... As your alarm sounded you realized that you could breathe! You sat up and breathed in the fresh air... and noticed something warm clinging to your arm. You looked down and found-

"Gah!" you would have leapt out of your bed were your arm not being clung to by a cute little super strong Overlord of the Netherworld dressed in gothic black bra and panties underneath a light red negligee. Your heart was racing a million miles a minute as you stared at her before realizing she was sleeping, and clinging to your arm like her own personal teddy bear. Hey. That wasn't a bad idea. Carefully you grabbed your childhood teddy bear that you had never had the heart to get rid of, and carefully slid your arm out from grip (You almost had a heart attack when as you were sliding your hand past her chest, she suddenly squeezed her hug tighter, causing you to grip her washboard breasts) and then slid the teddy into her arms a'la Indiana Jones. For a brief moment she seemed ready to wake up. Instead she squeezed it even tighter and turned over. Carefully, you tip-toed out of your bedroom into the hallway, keeping your eyes on her the entire time. As you shut the door you saw her yawn cutely in her sleep. Silently, the door slid shut and you breathed a sigh of relief.

"I think ya fooled her," you heard Etna say. You turned around and found the girl you'd just shut the door on with her face directly in yours (still in her negligee) with a smug toothy grin plastered to her face. Before you could react, she grabbed both your hands and pinned you to the door, her tounge attempting to snake its way down your throat. You struggle and fail to throw her off as she continues to kiss like you'd asked her to marry you until finally she let up. As you struggled to get control of your breath she held a finger to your lips.

"Careful. You don't wanna wake her, do you?" she said while pressing her forehead against your own.

"What are you doing in my house!?" you demand, the impish girl's tail getting rather inappropriate with your private parts.

"Why I'm here to harass you untill you cave and agree to my deal of course," Etna laughed, not moving her face away from yours.

"The deal where I spend the rest of eternity in servitude to you and in exchange, you'll say I'm your boyfriend?" you ask sarcastically.

"Don't be silly, you will actually be my boyfriend, it's just that you won't get much say in what goes on," she explained, sticking her tounge out.

"Whatever. Look I have to get to work. If you're going to insist on this can we at least continue after I'm done at work?"

Etna gave you a playful slap before she let go of you and allowed you to go back into your room, where you found her lounging on her side on the bed, still in her sleeping outfit.

"Kay, I'm gonna change so... y'know... leave. Please," you said, making a little shoo motion with your hands. Etna responded by having her tail drag your pajama bottoms down, exposing your self to the Overlord.

"Aw, it's adorable!" she squeed as you blushed. realizing she had no intention of letting you dress alone you hurridly put your clothes on while Etna watched, making various "mm"s and "oo"s.

"Good golly Miss Molly! Just look at the way those khakis hug that booty! Mmm, mm!" she said, giving your ass a good firm slap and a squeeze. You jump away from her and your bed, swatting at her hand.

"Knock it off!" you yell at her.

"What? What's the big deal?" she asked with comedic shrug. "It's not like you can't do it to me," she said, crawling onto all fours and turning around to reveal that a chibified Etna had apparently been stitched onto the butt since last time you saw it, winking and blowing you a kiss, the words "Extra Smackable" written around the picture. You bury the urge to take her up on the offer deep deep in the depths of your soul, knowing you'd regret it for the rest of your life if you did. You shove your hands into your pockets where they'd never be able to reach slutty imp flesh. You pushed yourself through your bedroom into your living room, and out your door. Fishing your keys out of your pocket you turn the corner of the house and discover your car was missing.

"Wha...?" was all you could say as your jaw dropped to the ground.

"Well what'd you expect leaving your door open like that?" Etna asked, leaning against your landlords garage door in daisy dukes, tank top combo she'd introduced herself to you in, licking a strawberry ice cream out of its cone. You were so angry you couldn't even focus on how unhealthy a breakfast ice cream was.

"I had no choice! I almost died just driving home!"

"Well crooks don't tend to care about that kind of thing. They also can't smell a demons farts because it's literally the scent of a throughly tainted soul. Something which they already possess and therefore are used to the smell. You on the other hand are a relativly nice guy and as such, when you get a whiff of... oh momma," she said waving a hand in front of her butt. "I don't mind tellin' ya, to innocent souls the scent of evil is as foul as it gets."

"There's a mythology to demon farts?" you said incredusously. Etna simply shot you a naughty look.

"But hey, this is kinda perfect isn't it?" Etna asked taking a big bite of her ice cream.

"How is this perfect?! My car was stolen, I'm being harassed by the imp responsible who wants to drag me to Hell, and now I'll probably lose my job!"

"Aren't you forgetting something important?" she asked. Next time you looked at her you discovered that she was now in her Manager garb. "I can say you get a day off today. A paid one at that." You eye her suspicously.

"What's the catch?" you ask.

"Well... I don't expect you to sell your soul just to keep your job... butt," she said, bending over while her tail wagged, "How about a rental? Just an itty bitty rental of your soul in exchange for getting a day off."

"... How long?"

"Two days. One to cuddle up in your place, and a second so I can show you off on the town!" she said. You fidget nervously.

"And once those two days are over, you don't own my soul anymore?"

"Yup. A two day preview of what your life's gonna be like when you inevitably sell me your soul, and then you get to enjoy living in denial about whether or not you gonna just sell it to me."

As she laughed you fidlled with your hands and took a deep breathe and finally gave an answer.

"Fine. Two days. That's it," you tell her.

"Perfect," Etna declared, suddenly grabbing you and sending you spinning around. The world blurred as you span at a hundered miles an hour before Etna let you stop, now back in her sleepwear. You felt a chill, looked down and realized you yourself were now wearing nothing but a leather thong. You pointlessly tried to cover yourself in embarrassment. Suddenly you felt Etna's hand ontop of your head. She pressed down and you felt your body crumple and mold into a spherical shape. Etna span you around on one finger. You felt like you were gonna be sick untill she finally stopped and stared you in the eye.

"Just you wait. After today alone you'll be beggin' to go back to Netherworld with me!" she laughed sadistically while you could only stare in your new ball form in fear. She then dribbled you like you were a basket ball before throwing you into the air, letting you roll down her back, and bumping your face with her butt into the basketball hoop above the garage that had not been there till now. You, feeling very sick after this ordeal, rolled along the driveway untill she put her bare foot ontop of you.

"This is gonna be fun," she said, scooping you up and going back into your apartment, wiggling her hips in anticipation.
Etna's Boy Toy part 2
She gon' wreck your home.


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